Cloud myth 3 – The cloud is inflexible

Cloud computing has been the subject of more interest and comment than almost any ICT phenomena in recent years.

How the cloud works, the benefits it brings, the risks it exposes you to; each has generated prejudices and half-truths, many of them completely unfounded. In our new blog series we will debunk the most common myths, dispel the prejudices and bring the facts to light.

Myth number 3: the cloud is inflexible

A common misconception of cloud computing is that once signed up there is no turning back – that users no longer enjoy the control that comes with on-premises software, far from it, they are at the ‘mercy’ of the vendor. While this is true in some instances it is not the case with all, it depends on the commercial and technical flexibility of the vendor. Additionally when reading the trade press you could be forgiven for thinking the choice is polarised between either cloud or on-premises – for the vast majority this is an imagined and unrealistic dichotomy.

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UNIT4 named most promising education technology provider

UNIT4 named most promising education technology provider by CIO Review

UNIT4 has been chosen as one of the most promising education technology service providers by CIO Review in its annual top 20 listing published this month. The accolade is based on evaluation of UNIT4 Campus, the only agile administration system focused around staff, researchers and students.

  • Annual list showcases the most promising education technology companies

  • 400 institutions globally benefit from UNIT4’s administration solutions for staff, researchers and students

Embracing change independently

UNIT4 has been supplying administration systems to the Education sector since 1993 and now provides software solutions to over 400 institutions globally. Its extensive understanding of the market has allowed it to develop a strategy to deliver the support needed to meet the constantly changing demands in the sector, on an international scale. Its software is designed specifically for people and service focused organisations to help them embrace change independently and sustainably so they can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative.

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The new UNIT4 – Five reasons to get excited about the future

At its UK customer conference in Edinburgh earlier this month UNIT4’s CEO José Duarte made no secret of the business’s ambition to lead the way in making technology more aligned with the seamless, convenient and easy to use digital lives we all enjoy in our home and leisure time. This move supports the fact many of us face the daily frustrations and challenges of ineffective, non-integrated and collaboration resistant business systems and solutions that seem to inhibit our ability to work optimally in any location, at any time, with disparate teams, or on any device.

UNIT4 has been aware of this reality for some time having developed a portfolio of mobile enabled functionality such as time sheets, expense management, reports and task management, which have enabled far greater freedom to an increasingly remote workforce. But users are demanding a new generation of enterprise software delivering even greater social collaboration, mobile capabilities, role based intelligence and ‘cloud their way’.

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Building blocks and solution capabilities for spend control

Following the latest pre-Customer Conference blog: “No Automation without Transformation – Turning Spent Control into Spend Control, PROACTIS Marketing Director Simon Dadswell discusses the main building blocks and solution capabilities needed for Spend Control (a structured business process that dramatically increases the control and visibility you have over what your organisation spends for all types of goods and services) that work hand-in-hand with existing UNIT4 systems:

  • Information management and access
  • Workflow and business rules
  • Guided processes
  • Secure web access – both inside and outside your IT firewall

Information management and access

An eProcurement solution to support Spend Control business processes is built around management of, and access to, good quality base information – a ‘single version of the truth’ of suppliers, contracts etc. Most of that procurement and supplier-related information is probably not required or currently held in your financial management and operational systems, such as the details about supplier qualifications and credentials, supplier contracts, RFx documents and related supplier responses, and supplier catalogue content. Basic information like supplier IDs and G/L account codes are shared between your financial management and operational systems and PROACTIS, but most of the information in PROACTIS is additive. By combining the information management and access capabilities of PROACTIS and UNIT4, organisations can close the process and functional gaps of Finance, Procurement and Accounts Payables.Workflow and business rules.

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Mobile to trump social, cloud and analytic technologies, live poll of business leaders at #U4CC2014 reveals

Mobile will have the greatest immediate influence on business of the four SMAC megatrends. That’s according to a live poll of more than 400 senior delegates at the UNIT4 Agresso Customer Conference in Edinburgh last week.

The audience, which comprised senior technology and finance professionals from a range of public and private sector organisations primarily based in the UK and Ireland, were asked three questions focused on the major technologies shaping the future of business today.

When asked which technology will have the biggest impact over the next two years, 45% of respondents said mobile, closely followed by analytics with 30% of the vote, (the attached images show live responses during the polling, not the final result).

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