Wigan Council selects Invoice4 to drive process efficiency and cost reduction

UNIT4 has announced that Wigan Council has purchased the UNIT4 Invoice4 solution as part of its objectives to drive process efficiency, automation and transformation within the Accounts Payable and Purchase to Pay processes.

The Invoice4 solution will enable the council to scan incoming paper invoices and automatically import invoices that are received by email, once imported the Invoice4 solution will use intelligent data capture technologies to extract key information and identify invoice exceptions at the earliest opportunity. By adopting Invoice4, purchase invoices will be received into the UNIT4 ERP solution faster, with less effort and greater accuracy. It will also provide easy and rapid access to the electronic images held in the council’s existing UNIT4 ERP solution and deliver a structured process for managing highlighted exceptions.

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Get ready – 2015 will be the year of the digital switchover

2015 is set to be a stand-out year in one of the biggest shake-ups in business software we’ve ever seen. A new Gartner report titled: “Predicts 2015: ERP and Enterprise Applications in the Digital World” focuses on the requirement for ERP leaders to enable digital business to respond to “business moments” with greater and greater speed.

The move to ‘postmodern ERP,’ as Gartner calls it, has begun and we believe 2015 will be the year of the digital switchover for many. Organisations will look more closely at their enterprise computing strategies with a new digital mind-set, a new focus on customer service and usability. Where they stop signing the cheques for the software they have been unhappy with for the last few years or longer and start to believe in a new way of doing things.

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The 7 Sins of Christmas – Festive HR headaches and how to avoid them

December can be an unusual month for businesses. Many departments’ focus has shifted to the coming year, budgets are being finalised, sales are closing deals rather than seeking out new opportunities and there can be an air of winding-down as Christmas approaches.

But one department that certainly won’t be easing off is HR. There is no let-up in demand for managers’ time and skills. So, with seasonal headaches vying with festive calamities for attention, what should the prudent HR manager get ready for this Christmas?

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Cloud myth 4 – Interoperability in the cloud? Forget it!

Cloud computing has been the subject of more interest and comment than almost any ICT phenomena in recent years.

How the cloud works, the benefits it brings, the risks it exposes you to; each has generated prejudices and half-truths, many of them completely unfounded. In our new blog series we will debunk the most common myths, dispel the prejudices and bring the facts to light.

Myth number 4: Interoperability in the cloud? Forget it!

For years organisations have been striving towards ‘integrated’ applications that improve cross functional visibility and efficiency.

Many companies have already made considerable investments in implementing and integrating on-premises software and some mistakenly believe that cloud can’t connect and would detract from these efforts. You can understand this misconception with debates that span the web perpetuating cloud vs on-premises polarisation.

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Value, flexibility and control lead SQA to ditch SAP for UNIT4 Agresso

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is to replace its SAP ERP system with UNIT4 Agresso Finance and Procurement hosted in the cloud. The solution will help the authority to reduce administration, cut costs, improve operational visibility and equip employees with the cutting edge technology they need to rapidly adjust to sector change.

SQA, a non-departmental government body, provides schools, colleges, training organisations and employers with services to develop and deliver qualifications and assessments. It has a pivotal role in developing skilled workforces in Scotland, the UK and around the world.

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